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Construction Document Control Best Practices Part 1

Document control is an essential component of project management. Our Tampa construction lawyers know that a streamlined document control process is essential to every stage of the construction operation. Without clearly established policies and procedures, construction businesses can experience a range of problems from delayed projects to OSHA violations to financial losses. In this article, we will share some document control best practices to help you ensure your organization’s information flows better and your project is completed in a timely manner. Visit Part 2 for more helpful tips.

Document Control Standards

Before we begin, it’s important to note that a standard document control system should take into account the following:

  • How documents are named and numbered
  • Reviewing and approvals
  • Status of documents
  • How changes are recorded
  • Document titles and drawing title blocks
  • Document formatting guidelines
  • A system for creating, storing, and retrieving documents

If you need assistance in the area of document review, our construction lawyers in Tampa are an excellent resource for assistance with understanding the documents and records that every construction professional should maintain to stay in compliance with federal laws.

Digitize Your Documents

Do to the complexity of construction and the number of people that have to collaborate to effectively execute a project, it may be necessary to digitize documents to make documents readily available for distribution.

  • Finding the right software to digitize your documents will:
  • Reduced errors
  • Allow for easier tracking
  • Reduce schedule delays
  • Lessen the burden on your document control team
  • Better accuracy and revision control
  • Eliminates confusion
  • Gives relevant parties easy access to the information they need

For some, this may mean converting traditional document control systems into a new digitized system such as online environments for file sharing and delegating the upkeep of this new system to a project manager or records team. For others, this may mean improving existing digital systems with cloud applications, for example, so that it is easier to capture important information right away and keep projects on track.

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