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Construction Documentation That May Help Prove a Claim Part 1 featured image

Construction Documentation That May Help Prove a Claim Part 1

In spite of everyone’s good intention, construction changes and delays are bound to happen. As Clearwater construction attorneys, we know that those good intentions won’t help in the face of a dispute. Failing to properly document items such the contract, bid documents, and change order logs during a project can be disastrous when it comes to fighting a claim. Read part two of our article to learn about additional documents you should be maintaining.

The Contract

It’s important for parties entering into any transaction to have a written contract. A written agreement will typically outweigh any verbal agreement. This is especially true for construction projects, which can get complicated. If your contract is poorly written or does not cover key terms and conditions, you will find yourself dealing with bigger issues, if a dispute occurs. A knowledgeable Clearwater construction attorney is an asset when it comes to drafting a strong contract that sets forth everyone’s obligations and risks.

Bid Documents

Bid documents explain the who, what, when, how, where of your project in great detail. They form the basis of your project. Incomplete or missing documents is a sign of unprofessionalism and it would call into question the accuracy of your project costs. Bid documents should be drafted and structured well so that someone could understand and follow them. The following are examples of what should be in the document:

  • Page numbers
  • Section name and number
  • Project name and number
  • Date of specifications
  • Unit pricing
  • Production calculations
  • Overhead
  • Profit and labor markups

Change Order Log

Change orders are a normal part of the construction process, but change order mismanagement can lead to legal disputes. Legal disputes occur because of the delays caused by changes orders, a lack of approval, or failing to properly document a change order in writing. Keeping tracking of submissions, approvals, and rejections will decrease change order-related disputes.

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