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Construction Law Stats You Need to Know

The construction industry is always growing with new renovations, buildings, and commercial properties to work on. As a result, construction law changes just as frequently, with the conclusion of cases and new regulations that impact the industry. In this article, a construction litigation attorney in Clarksville, TN, lists some interesting construction law stats the leadership from all construction companies should know.

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7 Million Construction Industry Employees

An often-overlooked type of construction lawsuits involves employees. When people think of construction law, it’s easy to think about construction defects and workmanship disputes. However, more than 7 million people are employed by businesses in the construction industry. This statistic alone shows why it’s so important that employers closely follow employment laws to mitigate the risks associated with this number of employees.

49% of Parties Prefer Alternative Dispute Resolution

Of those surveyed about their preferred way to resolve issues, nearly half indicated a preference for alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration or mediation. This indicates that both parties might be willing to find a compromise without the extra time and fees associated with a courtroom trial. This is a good thing for everyone in most cases. An attorney from a construction law firm in Clarksville, TN, can give you more information about the best way to manage legal actions based on the unique circumstances of your case.

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Plaintiffs Win 68% of Bench Trials and 54% of Jury Trials

Plaintiffs win the majority of courtroom cases for construction cases, and there is a higher chance of the plaintiff winning a bench trial over a jury trial. Thus, if your construction law case has a chance to have a jury trial, it might have a slightly worse chance of winning. Depending on whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in any particular case, this could potentially change the strategy used.

33% of Cases Involve Breach of Contract

About a third of construction law cases are related to breach of contract claims. As a construction company, you should do everything in your power to honor contracts to reduce your legal risk for breach of contract cases. While you still may need to sue others for breaches of contract, you can control what you are able to.

Construction law changes constantly. Fortunately, your lawyer can let you know what changes will impact you and your case. If you need the services of a construction law firm, contact a construction litigation attorney in Clarksville, TN, from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

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