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Construction Schedules: An Element of Success Part 1

Looking back on your completed projects over the years could you say with confidence that they were planned and executed perfectly? Did you meet your budgets and deadlines as expected? Whether you realize it or not, your construction schedule can impact the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of an entire operation.

Every project should begin with a schedule, which will identify every task that has to be completed as well as how each task will get done. Our Orlando construction attorneys know that a properly executed construction schedule can make a world of difference in how materials, labor, equipment, unexpected events, budgeting, and deadlines are managed. There is more to construction schedules, so read part two for the conclusion of this series.

Creating a Construction Schedule Yields Many Benefits

Never begin a project without a solid game plan. Proper construction planning takes work, but there are many benefits as well as the promise of success at the end of the tunnel. Creating a construction schedule puts your project at an advantage and will be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Work performed in the proper sequence
  • Quality control is maximized
  • Enhanced coordination between construction professionals and clients
  • Timely submissions of samples, drawings, and data sheets
  • Improved safety performance and maximized safety for workers
  • An awareness of weather-sensitive activities

Increased productivity

  • Increased likelihood of meeting project timelines
  • Reduced punch list as a result of decreased damage during work
  • Identification of materials/supplies that require longer lead times
  • Identifies critical paths and potential unexpected events
  • Eliminates waste (i.e., labor)
  • Better tracking for transparency (i.e., projected timeline vs. actual timeline, employee hours)

Be Strategic

Without strategic planning, your team will run into obstacles such as confusion, delays, or misallocation of resources. High-level scheduling is fine, but more detail and accuracy is required at the subtask level to be successful. Due to the litigious nature of construction, consistent record keeping and documentation throughout every phase are essential. Avoid the aforementioned mistakes and consult with a construction lawyer in Orlando if you have concerns about scheduling as it relates to a delay claim.

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