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Construction Scheduling Mistakes to Avoid Part 2

An essential part of “getting the job done” in construction is organization. With so many moving parts and people, it’s critical to understand where everyone is supposed to be, what they are supposed to be doing, and what resources are being used. A vital part of any project is an accurate schedule. It’s the first item presented to an owner indicating your level of professionalism. It’s also a step-by-step guide to how work will flow on a project. Additionally, a good schedule can lessen the likelihood of costly delays and covers you in the event that an owner causes a delay.

Unfortunately, mistakes in scheduling are made all the time, that’s why the Tallahassee construction law attorneys at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants have created this two-part guide to identify construction scheduling mistakes to avoid.

Lack of Consideration for Critical Materials Procurement

Unexpected delays in the procurement of critical materials must be taken into account when creating a workable schedule. Certain materials may be in high demand so that must be considered at the beginning of a project.

Having a Large Duration For Activities

Certain aspects of a project take longer to complete than others. However, if an activity takes longer than sixty days to finish, for example, it may adversely affect other parts of the project. Workers and resources may be stuck on one activity and not working on another. The best practice in this area is to break large parts of a project into smaller chunks.

Not Balancing Overlapping Operations

Invariably, parts of a construction project are going to overlap. Great attention must be paid to this to keep a steady workflow. An inability to manage overlapping operations can lead to an inefficient use of resources.

Not Taking Inspections Into Account

Inspections must also be considered when creating a construction schedule. These inspections take time and can significantly delay your schedule.

For more construction mistakes to avoid, visit part 1 of this series.

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