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Construction Site Management Tips Part 2

Construction sites are complex places, especially to manage. At any given time, there are numerous people on site with various jobs, working for several different companies. There’s a myriad of potential hazards to reduce and thousands of dollars worth of equipment and materials moving about. Even on smaller projects, the need for accurate and efficient site management is the difference between a successful project and one mired in delays.

Our Tallahassee construction lawyers have seen many projects, both successful and troubled, and understand the importance of using best practices to keep projects moving. These tips can help you greatly. For more tips, visit part one of this series.

Understand All Local Codes and Laws

Even on small construction projects, like single family homes, there is a legal process to go through. Understanding the codes and laws that govern the area for which you are building is a smart idea. It can help you understand the parameters for which you are building in and ensure that your timeline can account for delays in permitting. A Tallahassee construction lawyer can help you stay abreast of all appropriate codes for your area.

Continuous Planning

Construction projects are continually moving. No project proceeds exactly as planned so to ensure that your project is moving in a positive direction, one that leads to an on-time finish, you must make continuous adjustments. This is why daily reports and consistent communication is so important. These items, especially when you use an online tool that can capture video and photos, allow you to easily see all aspects of your project and balance it with your timeline and resources. This way, you can make informed decisions for your site and project.

Take Care in Selecting Subcontractors

Many contractors use the same set of subcontractors on every project. And, to a certain degree, that’s not a bad idea. However, you should consider making subcontractors bid for contracts on certain projects. By doing this, no one gets complacent and you are always receiving your subcontractors’ best, most cost-efficient effort.

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