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Contract Review in the Wake of a Hurricane Part 1

The devastating power of hurricanes can leave your city in shambles. As a contractor, you possess the skills and knowledge to help areas ravaged by hurricanes recover, but you also know that desperate times can create a logistical nightmare for processing contracts and completing jobs in a timely manner.

As North Carolina recovers from Hurricane Florence’s 8.04 trillion gallon deluge, contractors will need the counsel of a Raleigh construction attorney to ensure that they have everything in place to facilitate agreements with homeowners whose property has incurred damage as a result of North Carolina’s most recent hurricane.

Unfortunately, when people are eager for relief in the wake of a hurricane, they aren’t always prepared to meet their financial obligations to the contractor helping them restore their shelter. In this two-part series, a Raleigh construction lawyer from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants will explain how contractors can ensure that their contracts are fulfilled by the obligee.

Caution: Contracts Signed in a Crisis Can Be Volatile

It’s natural to feel sympathetic for people who have either lost their home entirely or sustained considerable damage to their home during a hurricane. As a community, we need to work together to support each other. This can materialize in a number of ways including community cleanups, food drives, and temporary shelters. However, this community effort goes both ways.

As a contractor, you want to lend your services to your community to aid their recovery efforts, but you need to be reciprocated for your hard work. In many cases, contractors will offer discounts during disaster recovery or package free services into their home restoration contracts. Unfortunately, people in duress are often willing to sign on the dotted line without considering their available funds. During a natural disaster, survival instincts kick in more strongly than usual, but this isn’t an excuse for homeowners to refuse payment after your home has been repaired.

Secure Your Contracts with a Raleigh Construction Attorney

Hurricane Florence has passed North Carolina, but the damage left in the massive storm’s wake has left the Tar Heel State in utter disarray. With a confirmed death toll tallied at 25, and rising water levels threatening to crest the Cape Fear River and usher in another wave of floods that have already displaced countless lives, it is imperative that you work with a Raleigh construction lawyer to ensure that your contracts with homeowners are secure. Our construction law experts can help you utilize a Raleigh construction bond in your contract to ensure the obligee compensates you for your work.

In part two, we will discuss Blue Tarp Contracts, an important aspect of disaster relief that allows contractors to provide temporary solutions for damaged homes inspired by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) Operation Blue Roof.

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