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Contractor License Defense Attorney in Lakeland

Contracting without a license in the State of Florida is considered a serious offense that should not be taken lightly. Aside from complaints made directly to The Department of Professional Business Regulation (DBPR), the State run agency often makes their own efforts to catch unlicensed contractors by using undercover agents to pose as homeowners in sting operations. First time offenders face third-degree misdemeanor charges that carry fines up to $1,000 and jail time of up to one year. The punishments only increase from there, with second and third time offenses leading to felony convictions and up to $5,000 in fines.

If charged with contracting without a license, you should waste no time in contacting a Lakeland contractor license defense lawyer, who has experience working with professionals in the construction industry and can provide a successful defense.

What Constitutes as Contracting without a License?

Section 489.127 of the Florida Statutes clearly defines what actions are considered as operating as an unlicensed contractor.

The statutes state no person shall:

(a) Falsely hold himself or herself or a business organization out as a licensee, certificate holder, or registrant;
(b) Falsely impersonate a certificate holder or registrant;
(c) Present as his or her own the certificate or registration of another;
(d) Knowingly give false or forged evidence to the board or a member thereof;
(e) Use or attempt to use a certificate or registration that has been suspended or revoked;
(f) Engage in the business or act in the capacity of a contractor or advertise himself or herself or a business organization as available to engage in the business or act in the capacity of a contractor without being duly registered or certified;
(g) Operate a business organization engaged in contracting after 60 days following the termination of its only qualifying agent without designating another primary qualifying agent, except as provided in ss. 489.119 and 489.1195;
(h) Commence or perform work for which a building permit is required pursuant to part IV of chapter 553 without such building permit being in effect; or
(i) Willfully or deliberately disregard or violate any municipal or county ordinance relating to uncertified or unregistered contractors.

Allegations Against Licensed Contractors

Contractors without a license are not the only ones at risk of penalties handed down by the DBPR and local law enforcement. Licensed contractors who unlawfully rent out their contractors license, perform work without appropriate insurance or workers compensation coverage, along with a number of other allegations of improper business operations can face similar harsh punishments, which not only carry fines and jail time, but the possible suspension or permanent revocation of a professional license.

In cases of revocation, a Lakeland contractor license defense attorney can appeal the decision with the DBPR and Construction Industry Licensing Board.

Hire a Knowledgable Construction License Defense Attorney in Lakeland

The Lakeland construction license defense lawyers from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants have represent contractors throughout the State of Florida when facing allegations against their license at local and state levels. From roofing to pool contractors, our team is experienced in defending license allegations and successfully restoring contractor’s business operations by reducing penalties including license suspension and revocation.

Are you in need of a contractor license defense lawyer in Lakeland? Please contact us today.

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