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Cotney Offers a Wide Range of Estimator Training

For those interested in getting into the estimating business, Cotney Consulting Group has you covered with a wide range of training available right now at

The training, plus the two groundbreaking roofing estimator certifications Cotney offers can elevate you above your competitors.

Cotney designed the Professional Roofing Estimator Certificate or PREC for those with five years of experience or less and provides you with industry recognition for your proficiency in writing estimates.

The Certified Professional Roofing Estimator certification is for estimators with at least five years of experience who can prove their estimating proficiency through both written and oral communication.

Cotney Consulting Group offers the CPRE to provide industrywide recognition for roofing estimators. It also provides peer recognition. This is a multi-step program.

The Cotney Director of Estimating program is great for someone who wants a promotion or wants to refine their managerial and leadership expertise.

As a company grows its estimating staff also grows. Cotney developed this one-on-one program to train, assess and grow new directors of estimating.

For those just starting out on this estimating path, there is Roofing Estimating Training designed for newcomers and those who seek to advance their career with estimating skills. Cotney developed the program in conjunction with subject matter experts who oversee and manage roofing estimating. It is a multi-step training process.

Roofing companies depend on their estimators to provide leadership for small and large-scale projects with accuracy.

They gather blueprints, proposals, specifications and other related documents along with reviewing historical data from previous reports to assess unit and labor calculations.

Estimators compute costs by analyzing material, labor and time requirements. They also attend any necessary pre-bidding meetings and review proposals to determine the scope of work.

This team of professionals also tracks and manages awarded contracts, prepares reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing trends and other information.

The estimator manages and maintains all working documents and a database to support estimate figures. They also design, produce and finalize Roof CAD plans and drawings.

Estimators conduct surveys and meet with clients to assess their needs, collect data, take photographs and take measurements. They also contribute to a team effort to assess rates to use in estimates and to provide technical support and guidance to others.

Cotney’s roofing estimating training will give you a strong and comprehensive knowledge base of estimating techniques so you can walk away with the ability to estimate a variety of projects and contracts under tight deadlines. In the director’s training, you will also be prepared to oversee group work related to a project.

CCG is a leading provider of training for the roofing industry. We can deliver customized training designed to meet your organization’s training goals.

To learn more on training available right away, visit

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