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Could Offsite Construction Reduce Liabilities? Part 2

Offsite construction is a growing trend, but some professionals may be hesitant to fully embrace it. However, our Nashville construction attorneys believe that moving the building process away from the physical site and into a controlled factory environment can greatly reduce construction liabilities. This article will conclude our two-part series on the subject. Read part one for the beginning of our article.

Eliminates Weather Delays

Not only does offsite construction shield workers from continuous exposure to harsh weather, it reduces the impact of unavoidable weather delays because over half of the work is completed inside. An elimination of slick surfaces and exposing electrical lines to moisture increases worker safety as it decreases the potential for slip and fall and electrocution accidents.

Increased Sustainability

Eco-friendly construction is on the rise as the demand for lower costs, green materials, less energy consumption, and less community disturbance is demanded. With offsite construction, time and money are saved when companies choose prefabrication. On-site traffic and energy expended are minimized as well. Additionally, air quality is improved and waste is eliminated by recycling, protecting materials, and controlling inventory.

Requires Fewer Laborers

A survey conducted by the Associated General Contractors found that over half of construction companies are having trouble finding qualified workers. Offsite construction employs a more efficient use of employees which reduces the need for on-site labor considerably. In a factory setting, fewer workers are needed which keeps building and wages affordable. Less training is also a byproduct of offsite construction where training employees is easier and faster since each worker focuses on their role in the production line.

In conclusion, there may be some hesitation by some construction professionals to embrace offsite construction, but the benefits mentioned above prove that when you build offsite, you significantly reduce your risks on projects.

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