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Creating a Successful Return to Work Program for Your Business Part 1 featured image

Creating a Successful Return to Work Program for Your Business Part 1

For small business owners, when an injured worker has healed enough that they are medically cleared to return to work, it’s important to have a return to work program. This aptly named program acts as a buffer for both the worker and the business and reestablishes the worker into the workplace as they continue the recovery process. There are a variety of benefits for both the returning worker and also the business during this process.

In this two-part article, a workers’ compensation defense attorney in Florida will discuss many of the reasons why businesses of all sizes should incorporate a return to work program into their operations.

Reasons to Incorporate a Return to Work Program

Although there are too many reasons to name, here are some of the primary benefits of providing medically cleared employees with the opportunity to participate in a return to work program:

  • Keep Talented Workers: Along with the physical challenges of rehabilitation, many injured workers suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression as they wait to return to work. When workers are provided the opportunity to contribute in a limited capacity, this not only provides the worker with a sense of pride, but it also makes certain that your most valuable workers’ skills will remain sharp and that they will want to stay with your company long term.
  • Financial Benefits: With an injured worker out, employers not only have to worry about the financial strains and raised premiums, they must also account for other employees working overtime to make up for the injured worker’s absence and less overall productivity. When workers return to work, this can reduce financial costs towards disability. Moreover, having an experienced worker return to work will result in a more efficient workplace.
  • Building the Right Rapport: When you demonstrate commitment to your injured workers by establishing a return to work program, this not only creates a more productive workplace, but it also shows the rest of the workforce that you care about their well being. This can boost workplace morale and ensure your best workers are proud to be a part of your team.

Establishing a Program

With many benefits, the next step is developing a return to work program. If you are interested in learning how to successfully create a return to work program, please read the second article in this series.

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