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Cutting Through Red Tape with Florida Construction Attorneys

Before you begin any project, it is important to have an attorney in your corner. A Florida construction attorney can assist with several aspects of a project. For example, attorneys can help with issues, including defect claims, contract negotiation, arbitration and litigation, bid protests, licensing issues, construction lien claims, and more. But when it comes to navigating the red tape associated with construction, it is especially important for contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, business owners, architects, and engineers to obtain legal counsel. 

Navigating Through Permits

One of the most important steps to beginning any construction project is getting the proper permits and paperwork in place. The process can be costly — in fact, according to, a permit for a project on a single home can be upwards of $7,500 in certain areas, and larger commercial projects can be even higher. These permits can take days, weeks, or even months to obtain and may require extensive documentation. While obtaining these permits, contractors have to consider several other important tasks before breaking ground, including coming to terms with subcontractors, leasing or renting out equipment, partnering with suppliers, obtaining construction bonds, and more. Whether it’s contract review, tax advice, or assistance with employment law, a construction attorney fully understands the steps needed for contractors to take before they begin each project. 

Florida construction attorneys can help contractors, subcontractors, and engineers determine which permits will be required for their specific project and gather the necessary documentation to obtain the permit. An attorney will also be able to discuss a realistic timetable for obtaining the necessary permits and other notices to protect your best interests and ensure that your business is compliant with the law. 

Preventing Unnecessary Delays

Because delays are one of the biggest issues in construction, it’s incredibly helpful when a  Florida construction attorney helps ensure that all documentation has been submitted in a timely fashion and follows up with the necessary parties to ensure that all permits are issued. 

A construction attorney can also assist with any other issues that may cause a delay. For example, lawyers can help contractors and other construction professionals understand the process of OSHA inspections, citations, and contesting wrongful citations. Additionally, attorneys can assist with workers’ compensation insurance to prevent any stop-work orders and provide guidance in the event that a stop-work order is issued. 

Cotney Attorneys & Consultants Florida construction attorneys provide sound legal advice to construction professionals at every level. Not only do we advise our clients on legal matters, but we also provide representation in court, mediations, and arbitrations when necessary. We also advocate for clients involved in licensing complaints, OSHA citations, labor and safety violations, permitting issues, and stop-work orders. 

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