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Cybersecurity and the Construction Industry Part 2

Cyber threats are a major concern for companies, regardless of industry. Whether you are a major corporation or a five-person office, cyber criminals are breaking into systems and taking advantage of the information they find. The construction industry is no different. Hackers are gaining access to banking information, building designs, and intellectual property, among many other items.

In the first part of this series, we discussed why the construction industry is such a viable target for cyber criminals as well as the type of attacks that they may launch. In the this part, we will provide a few tips for preventing cyber attacks and dealing with them if and when they occur. While these tips can save your company from an information technology standpoint, they can also protect your from a liability standpoint as well. You could be liable for damages if you are the victim of repeated cyber attacks and have not done anything to remedy the issue. While a Miami construction lawyer can defend you in this situation, the time and money lost can be quite damaging.

Create a Cyber Threat Response Team

The best way to deal with a cyber threat is to put measures in place before you need it. A critical part of this is building a cyber threat response team. This team should consist of staff members with various skillsets. While your IT person should lead this team, members of your top level management, HR, and public relations teams should also be a part of it. It’s also a good idea to have your Miami construction lawyer be a part of that team as well.

Train Employees

Another fundamental part of protecting your company from cyber attacks is training your employees. Policies should be in place to address employee use of connected devices, how to deal with suspicious emails, avoiding specific websites, and what to do should they make a mistake that results in a security breach.

Installing Technical Solutions

We purposely mention non-technical tips before mentioning a technical one because without the support of your staff, technical solutions are less effective. Security software should be able to detect and protect computers and servers from threats. Data protection solutions include, data encryption, placing sensitive data on a different server with restricted access, and firewalls.

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