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Daily Reporting: Keeping Track of Jobsite Activities

With today’s litigious construction climate, our Tallahassee construction lawyers cannot stress enough the importance of keeping track of jobsite activities. There are multiple sides to a story and parties would be foolish to think that subjective memory will give them an edge in a dispute. Whether you are disputing a claim or refuting one, you’d do well to be thoroughly prepared with consistent and accurate project records that detail all of your jobsite activities.

Essential Information to Include

Keeping track of the activities that occur on the jobsite every day can be used to improve performance and figure out what went wrong and why it went wrong during a project. Your daily report should include the following information:

  • Project name
  • Date of the report
  • Hours worked (including time of arrival and departure)
  • Number of workers scheduled for the day
  • The day’s weather conditions
  • Project progress
  • Conditions of the jobsite
  • Inventory
  • Disruptions and delays
  • Work-related incidents
  • Any additional notes, comments, or special instructions and follow up

Not only should these reports be written, but daily photos and even videos are also just as important. It is critical that reports be completed daily for the greatest effectiveness and accuracy. Be sure to date and store them as part of the project file. When a dispute arises these records are vital for defending or refuting claims.

How to Ensure Reports Are Admissible

If you find yourself dealing with litigation, you want your records to be validated. The best way to ensure that they are deemed admissible in a court of law is to make recordkeeping a daily habit by the person with firsthand knowledge of the information that is being recorded. It is best to have a designated party assigned with oversight of the daily reporting to ensure it is completed daily. Additionally, construction professionals can improve reporting by leveraging project management technology.

Daily Reports in Disputes

Every detail of a project should be recorded in some form, whether it will be used in dispute resolution proceedings or solely for internal use and filing purposes. Daily reporting helps parties of the project to remember discussions, events, and occurrences so that they can better handle any issues that arise. Furthermore, your recordkeeping will be viewed favorably should you need them during arbitration or litigation.

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