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Daily Reports: The Problems and Solutions Part 1 featured image

Daily Reports: The Problems and Solutions Part 1

Daily reports are a critical component of every construction project. Although construction professionals understand the role accurate daily reporting plays in maintaining compliance and business operations, many view daily reporting as one of their top challenges. On one hand, construction professionals are busy in the field doing the work and don’t have much time to document said work, which leads to a lack of payment for extra work in the field, for example.

In this article, we’ll discuss why daily reports matter and some of the challenges construction professionals face when preparing them. Read part two to learn more.

Why Daily Reports Matter

Daily reports serve an essential role in construction disputes. This is why they are necessary for every construction project. Daily reports should include the following:

  • The date
  • Weather conditions
  • Physical site conditions
  • Resources available
  • Site visitors
  • Work completed
  • Any delays and future delays
  • Materials received
  • Any incidents or relevant information

Project managers should take the lead with reporting instead of delegating the task to other staff. Having a detailed and accurate daily report can clear up any discrepancies should a dispute arise. Even better, if your client has signed off on aspects of the project and it is included in the daily report, you will have proof to back any dispute. Should you need guidance in a dispute resolution, a West Palm construction attorney can assist you further.

The Challenges

Completing these reports can be stressful because they are fundamental in the event of a legal dispute, therefore the challenges of daily reporting shouldn’t be underestimated. Accurate and detailed logs must be kept, which can also be very time-consuming. Construction activities need to be constantly monitored and recorded into a log which can take a few hours.

This poses a problem for the person reporting because they must recall everything that has occurred on a particular day. If this isn’t done on a daily basis, imagine the frustration of attempting to remember what occurred a day or two before. Add to that a lack of motivation to complete the monotonous task and you have a potential disaster on your hands due to inefficient reporting. This is why a reliable and thorough professional should be tasked with completing these reports.

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