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Daily Reports: The Problems and Solutions Part 2

Project managers are often tasked with the responsibility of submitting daily reports; however, because these reports are often referred to during disputes, it’s beneficial for contractors to be skilled in writing daily reports as well, in case the task falls through the cracks. Although daily reports aren’t the most exciting part of the job, construction professionals need to make sure that it is still a priority.

In the event of a contractual dispute, a Boca Raton construction attorney will know what questions to ask, which documents to review, and how to decipher what actually happened on the project by an evaluation of the daily reports. Below we’ll discuss daily report mistakes to avoid and how using technology will increase efficiency. Read part one to learn more.

Mistakes to Avoid

The challenges mentioned above can lead to mistakes in reporting. The following are frequent mistakes on job sites:

Poor documentation: Everything must be documented including weather events, deliveries, project delays, and changes orders. It’s important to record every delay each day it affects project progress. Anything that occurs on the site could be used during a litigation.

Inaccuracies: Omitting important information or recording details incorrectly can be the result of waiting too long to record.

Failing to do daily reports: Although they can be a hassle, you will regret not completing them at all.

How Technology Can Improve Daily Reports

Fortunately, the industry is embracing technology more than it has in the past, and the good news is that technology can help ease the burden of daily reports. Technology allows you to:

Complete reports faster: Completing daily reports by hand can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Using daily reporting construction software will cut your time down significantly.

Instant updates: As the daily report is updated, everyone will see these updates in real-time. This will allow responsible parties to act immediately if a mistake were to occur.

Better accuracy: Using technology will decrease inaccuracies because updates are made throughout the day. This will provide management with a better scope of the daily happenings on the site.

Using an app or software program to create daily reports is more efficient because it allows you to customize reports based on project needs and to create more professional-looking reports. You will also capture detailed information while onsite which allows for easier collaboration among employees and clients.

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