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Dealing With A Complaint Against Your License Part 1

As a contractor, complaints may be filed against your license with the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). As Brandon construction lawyers, we know that the CSLB has a systematic process for dealing with these complaints. To help ease you along this process, we’ve provided a guideline of what you can expect from the CSLB when a complaint is filed. To view the second half of this article, please visit Part 2.

Contact Letters

The CSLB has a Mediation Center that will send out contact letters to both you and the complainant. These letters should arrive within two to three weeks of the CSLB receiving the complaint. The letter to the complainant will recommend their cooperation with you to try and rectify the complaint.


If after the contact letters are received, the complaint has yet to be resolved and before any further action from the CSLB, a Consumer Services Representative (CSR) will reach out to you and the complainant. The CSR will attempt to mediate the situation to find a resolution. There are a few factors to take into consideration when waiting for the complaint to be resolved:

  • How serious is the complaint?
  • Are the required documents obtainable?
  • Are there any law enforcement agencies associated with this case?
  • What is the level of evidence?

What Happens If A Resolution Is Not Reached?

If the mediation is unsuccessful and there is not a mutual resolution, the CSR’s next step is to suggest that the complaint is transferred to arbitration (sponsored by the CSLB) or referred to an enforcement representative (ER) for an in depth investigation.

CSLB Sponsored Arbitration

As a Brandon construction attorney, we know that there are two varieties of CSLB sponsored arbitration. There is Mandatory Arbitration (MARB), which typically sees complaints that satisfy rigorous specifications and have a probable financial injury of $12,500 or less. The other type of CSLB arbitration is Voluntary Arbitration (VARB), which takes complaints that meet rigorous specifications and include a potential financial injury that is between $12,500 and $50,000.

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