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Debunking Stereotypes in the Construction Industry

Thanks in part to movies and television, the average person can have a very stereotypical view of construction workers. While these stereotypes may seem harmless, they are contributing to labor shortages in the construction industry that show no signs of relenting. Disproving these stereotypes will be crucial to encouraging younger generations to pursue a career in construction. In this article, a Broward contractor attorney will discuss several misleading stereotypes that have befallen the construction industry.

Stereotype #1: No Future in Construction

The Great Recession burned many of those considering a career in construction. They don’t see a future in an industry that shed so many jobs during the financial crisis. But the construction industry has bounced back since then and is in need of workers. Construction jobs are offering competitive pay with many states offering increased salary and incentives to combat labor shortages.

Stereotype #2: Boring, Hot, and Dangerous

Don’t be mistaken; construction work is extremely demanding and can be hazardous. But that’s not all there is to it. There is incredible variety to the tasks performed by construction industry professionals. A construction worker may find themselves on a rooftop, roadside, or oilfield. And with the advent of technology on the jobsite, a worker now has more options than ever before to determine which jobs they are best suited to perform. All of this equates to an industry with a vast variety of job options and experiences.

Many jobsites will have potential hazards, but a construction firm that doesn’t care about safety isn’t going to be in business for long. Their workers will walk away when they see warnings going unheeded, or they could get an unexpected visit from OSHA. We can’t underplay the important role that safety plays in construction. Please consult with a Broward contractor attorney if a worker is ever injured on the jobsite.

Stereotype #3: Male-Dominated Industry

A prevailing stereotype is that there is no place for women in construction, and this is just not the case. Women comprise about 10% of the construction industry, where there is much less of a gender wage gap than other industries. Confirmation bias will always spur on stereotypes, but the fact is that many construction sites are comprised of competent, qualified men and women that want to see a job through to its finish.

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