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Resolving Conflict with a Denver Construction Dispute Lawyer

The construction industry is competitive and complex, so conflicts are virtually inevitable and often become acrimonious. If you are a construction professional, you will probably encounter at least one situation—and perhaps dozens—during which you will need an experienced Denver construction dispute lawyer.

How Will My Dispute Be Handled?

There are three main ways to handle a construction industry legal dispute and each comes with its advantages. In some cases, the method of dispute resolution may have already been predetermined by your original contract.

There are a few different forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), but the two most commonly used are mediation and arbitration. The American Arbitration Association estimates that the vast majority of construction professionals have been involved in ADR at least once over the course of their careers.

In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved through ADR, you and your Denver construction dispute attorney may need to pursue litigation.


The fastest and least expensive way to come to an agreement with the conflicting party is typically through mediation. This form of ADR is may be non-binding and less aggressive than other forms of dispute resolution.

In a mediation, the mediator does not make a decision but helps guide the disputants towards a mutually beneficial solution. In some cases, the two parties can even preserve their healthy working relationship.


This is an extremely common form of ADR that has been used to solve countless construction industry disputes. An arbitration is more structured than a meditation and the arbitrator hands down a binding decision.

Arbitrations can become more acrimonious than your average mediation; however, they tend to be less expensive and time-consuming than a litigation. Another benefit of arbitration over litigation is that the case can be kept out of the public eye.


Sometimes you and your Denver construction dispute lawyer have to pursue the most aggressive means available. If you and the conflicting party are not able to come to an amicable solution using a form of ADR, the next step is to pursue litigation.

Work With One of Our Aggressive Denver Construction Dispute Lawyers

No matter what type of dispute resolution you and the conflicting party are going to use, it is critical to have the best representation. Cotney Attorneys & Consultants is one of the most trusted names in the industry for good reason. Our highly skilled attorneys have backgrounds in construction and over 100 years of collective construction law experience. We will fight for you with tenacity and an intimate knowledge of the industry.

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