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Assess Your Legal Options with a Denver Construction Litigation Lawyer

Any construction professional knows that while this industry may be rewarding, it comes with its fair share of confrontation and complexities. Between staying compliant with OSHA requirements, adhering to immigration law, filing mechanics liens, and resolving disputes between parties, the construction industry is riddled with legal challenges. If you need aggressive representation, our experienced Denver construction litigation lawyers will fight for you.

When Litigation is Necessary

Arbitration is common in the construction industry; in fact, the American Arbitration Association estimates that the majority of construction professionals will be involved in an arbitration at least once over the course of their careers.

That said, sometimes arbitration is not the best option. Though litigation is seen as a last resort, there are instances in which it may result in a better outcome. Furthermore, litigation allows the opportunity to appeal the verdict whereas the decision handed down by an arbitrator is binding.

What Happens During a Litigation

Our firm’s Denver construction litigation attorneys will bring tenacity, knowledge, and extreme skill to your case. The phases of a litigation are as follows:

  • Initial Investigation- This is the phase during which evidence is gathered, witnesses are interviewed, and the option of settling the case is discussed.
  • Drafting Documents- Your attorney will draft documents that explain the parties’ positions. The court will receive a document with the complaint, answer, reply, and counterclaims.
  • Discovery- After the lawsuit is filed, the discovery process begins. Your attorney will gather relevant information that is obtained through witness interviews, requests for admissions, reviewing of documents, and other means.
  • Pre-Trial- Your Denver construction litigation lawyer will prepare for the trial by attending conferences, conducting pre-trial depositions, drafting pre-trial documents, retaining witnesses, and advising you as a client.
  • Trial or Settlement- Trials are costly, so your lawyer will do their utmost to negotiate and settle your case in a favorable manner. In the event that a trial is necessary, they will fight strategically and vigorously for your case.
  • Appeal- If the trial outcome is unsatisfactory to you, you may seek to appeal the case.

Work With the Best Denver Construction Litigation Attorneys

Cotney Attorneys & Consultants excels in serving the construction industry and has become one of the most trusted names in construction law. If you need skilled and aggressive legal representation, look no further. Our Denver construction litigation lawyers have successfully represented clients of every construction industry specialization in a wide variety of disputes.

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