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Dispute-Proof Your Construction Projects Part 2

Experienced Birmingham contractor attorneys know that the more complex a construction project is the more susceptible it is to a dispute. With looming deadlines and constantly moving parts, contractors must be proactive about reducing the threat of disputes. We have discussed the contract, the pre-construction process, and the scope of work in part one. In this final section, we will talk about the importance of documentation, creating realistic schedules, and having a legal expert in your corner.

Documentation is King

In the world of construction, documentation recorded daily is the key to a favorable dispute resolution. Documentation should be detailed, consistent, and contemporaneous. When the daily happenings on a construction site such as work performed, quality control logs, delays incurred, site condition, and more are recorded, you protect your business from all manner of risks. Read our article entitled “Weak Project Documentation Can Derail a Construction Claim” for more insight.

Realistic Schedules

The construction schedule sets the course for projects. Every phase of the project, its duration, and sequencing depend upon one another. Any contractor knows that one misstep can escalate and affect every other project milestone. Any setbacks have the potential to create cost overruns (i.e., labor, materials, storage) and disrupt cash flow. Setting realistic schedules that account for possible disruptions and delays is critical. Scheduling accountability, team alignment, and efficient work processes will help significantly reduce project delays.

Continuous Legal Counsel

Construction disputes are common; however, prevention is better than cure. The nature of the construction industry makes it susceptible to disputes, but having the right expertise available to swiftly manage, mitigate, or eliminate the effects of a dispute will help you avoid the expense of claims or a litigation. Since many disputes arise because of disagreements with the contract, they can lead to contract termination. A Birmingham contractor attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants can help you identify risks in advance, negotiate problematic clauses, and draft a dispute resolution clause that sets forth procedures for resolving any disputes.

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