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Do You Need Contractor License Defense in Oregon?

Oregon, like every other state, has its own set of licensing rules. These rules are designed to ensure that business owners and homeowners are hiring reliable contractors that carry insurance and a surety bond. Without these items, owners are often left without recourse when something goes wrong with a project. For this reason, Oregon has established strict penalties for contractors who violate its licensing rules, and the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) is more than willing to dish out these penalties. 

Below, a Portland license defense attorney with Cotney Attorneys & Consultants discusses why contractors should be licensed and obtain legal representation if the legitimacy of their license is ever in question. If you’ve been accused of contracting without a license, consult an attorney with our law office today. 

You Will Be Caught If You’re Contracting Without a License 

As you can see from their news postings, the CCB regularly conducts sweeps in search of license violations. A recent sweep of Portland revealed numerous contractor violations, including 15 instances of contractors working without a license. “By law, nearly everyone who builds a home or alters a structure must be licensed by the Construction Contractors Board.” 

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Of course, the CCB doesn’t have to actively sweep project sites for unlicensed contractors. It’s incredibly easy for owners to verify a license or report an unlicensed contractor through the CCB website. All told, if you make improvements to real property, you need a license, and if you are contracting without one, you will be caught. 

The Penalties for Contracting Without a License 

In the state of Oregon, contracting without a license can result in a $1,000 penalty per offense, and that’s only if no previous violations are found. The penalty increases to $5,000 per offense if an owner has also filed a complaint for damages. (Consult a Portland construction dispute attorney if you are also involved in a dispute with an owner). Even advertising to do work without a license can result in a severe penalty. No matter how you look at it, it’s simply not worth it to contract without a license in Oregon. 

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Contact Our Law Office for License Defense 

At Cotney Construction Law, our team of attorneys is adept at representing contractors in license defense cases, including those that involve damages reported by owners. In many cases, penalties can be reduced once a contractor becomes licensed. In others, our attorneys fight aggressively on behalf of contractors to ensure that they receive the best possible outcome. If you’ve been accused of contracting without a license in the state of Oregon, consult a Portland license defense attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants. 

If you would like to speak with a Portland construction dispute attorney, please contact us today.

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