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Document Control Tips for Construction Companies

Documents are a key component of any construction project. A few examples of critical documentation include contractual agreements, daily logs, field reports, and change orders. Proper document processes enable contractors to make consistent progress on projects and receive compensation for the work completed. Documents also serve as critical evidence to support or dispute any claims that may arise. Our Bradenton contractor lawyers will share some practical document control tips.

Designate a Central Location

It is easy for everyone to have their own system for storing files and other important documentation. It is common for this information to be stored on hard drives, Dropbox, emails, or Google Drive. When this information is needed, however, there may be multiple versions floating around, which creates confusion and slows down progress. With a dedicated document management system in place, you eliminate the confusion since all documentation will reside in a central repository.

Stay Organized

A document management system is useless if there is no structure. If a team member cannot locate a particular file, your firm will still waste precious project time. The purpose of document control and management is to ensure that it is easier to track, edit, and share the most accurate and up-to-date project information. Create folders, subfolders, establish a naming system, and label every file appropriately.

Ensure Accessibility

Streamlining your document processes means ensuring that the information is accessible to the right people at the right time. When issues arise, team members will not have time to search for files in a drawer back at the office. Embracing technology is extremely important on construction sites. Utilizing cloud-based software will not only make documentation more streamlined, but it can also make the information accessible on any device such as tablets and smartphones.

Document control does not have to be difficult. The aforementioned tips are the easiest way to begin your new document control process or improve an existing one. At Cotney Construction Law, we know that documentation is essential to the legal system. If you should find yourself in a dispute, your strong recordkeeping systems or lack thereof can make or break your case. If a construction claim has been filed against you, a Bradenton construction lawyer from our firm will be more than happy to assist you with building your case.

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