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Drafting a Strong Roofing Contractor Agreement Part 1 featured image

Drafting a Strong Roofing Contractor Agreement Part 1

As a roofing contractor, presenting yourself as an established customer-focused professional is the surest way to relay that you are a trustworthy source for roofing projects. One of the first ways to convey this is through a professionally drafted roofing service agreement with the expertise of a Jacksonville construction attorney. The first part of this article will give a bit of insight into some of the components that make up a sound roofing agreement. Read Part 2 to learn more.

Essential Roofing Contract Components

Although contracts may differ depending on the scope of work and other elements, the following items are a guidepost for drafting an agreement that allows both owners and contractors to protect their investment. The contract should always be written and reviewed by a reputable construction lawyer in Jacksonville to avoid confusion and to serve as evidence if a dispute occurs.

Scope of Work

Specify the work to be performed, whether work will be completed with the help of subcontractors, and how deviations will be handled.


Specify when work will start and end, as well as how delays will be handled.

Payment terms

Specify how payments are to be made before, during, and after the completion of the project. Exercise your right to stop work to pursue remedies for lack of payment.


Record the materials and products you will install. Convey that you will follow installation as directed by manufacturers.

Change Order Clause

Include a change order form for extra work requested by owners. Calculate the cost of changes and the time frame owners have to accept or reject the change order.

Termination Clause

Add a termination clause to outline the terms for which one or both parties can dissolve the contract.


Inform clients of the warranties you are providing along with the details of your warranty and period of coverage.


Acknowledge the insurance you carry such as Workers’ Compensation and other liability insurance. Discuss owner’s responsibility.

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