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Early Signs Your Construction Project is Souring

Every construction project has problems, but competent management and careful coordination can help resolve most of those problems and keep the project on track. However, there are cases where projects fall apart. When this happens, it can be a major problem for everyone involved considering the cost of the project and the potential damage to one’s reputation. The key to avoiding project failures is to recognize the signs that something is wrong with your project early on. If things are going awry on your construction site, your best course of action is to contact a Nashville construction attorney as soon as possible. 

Missed Deadlines

Missed deadlines are common in construction projects, especially at the beginning and the end of the project. While it’s not a problem to miss one or two deadlines, your project is in for major problems when you start to consistently miss deadlines.

Before these missed deadlines get out of control, reevaluate the methods you are using to keep your project on schedule. With a few small changes, it is possible to set up new timelines for milestones so that you can slowly work your way back into being on time.

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Multiple Accidents

Construction projects can also be prone to one or two accidents, but multiple accidents can quickly become a major problem. They could be an indicator that there is an unsafe process in place on the construction site. A single accident can lead to devastating results, and having more accidents means that you run the risk of encountering serious problems that can stop your project altogether.

Anytime there is an accident, it’s critical that you follow the recommended procedures for handling any claims and safety issues. By acting quickly to resolve safety problems, you can keep your project from dealing with many regulation violations and any resulting problems associated with them.

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Too Many Change Orders

One of the biggest problems that construction projects face is change orders. A change order is a request to change specific parts of the project. Although change orders are not inherently bad, they can create potential problems in managing projects. It’s fine if you receive a limited number of change orders, but receiving too many change orders is a sign that there is a major problem in the planning of your project.

If your project is receiving a lot of change orders, it may be time to stop the project and reevaluate what is happening. Too many change orders may mean that much of the planning for the project is no longer effective or inaccurate, including cost analyses and cost estimates. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking a break to look at the problems with the change orders can lead to less work down the line in resolving future issues.

If you reach a point where it looks like your construction project is going to go sour, act quickly to change direction. If you are able to make significant changes, you can avoid a major issue. If you have questions about the kinds of problems that you could face in a construction project, contact an attorney from our Nashville construction law firm. 

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