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Easy Tips to Help Professionals Win More Bids Part 2

As knowledgeable Chattanooga construction lawyers, we know that the bidding process can be frustrating. As discussed in part one, instead of taking the time to find the right bidding opportunities, companies often resort to bidding on everything that comes along. Although you may eventually get some jobs this way, it isn’t the most efficient way to win jobs. Many companies end up with projects they cannot properly manage or they waste a lot of time and money bidding on jobs that are not as profitable as they thought they would be. In this last section, we will share additional tips to help you increase your chances of winning bids.

Get to Know the Decision-Makers

Pursuing a bid requires more than just methodically reading paperwork and submitting bid documents in response. If you want a competitive advantage over other bidders go a step further. Do not waste your time with individuals who don’t have decision-making power. Find out who is in charge of the project by researching the organization’s structure and engage with these key people. Take the time to understand what your prospects want and tailor your bid to match their needs.

Seek Clarification

Crafting a compelling bid proposal is a complex task. If at any point you are unclear about certain parts of the bid, seek clarification from a Chattanooga construction lawyer. Do not omit components of the bid package for any reason as submitting incomplete or inaccurate bidding documents will jeopardize your chances of securing the award. Fully review the project’s plans and specification to determine what is required of you, understand what bonds are required, and know the cut-off dates for submitting inquiries. Never assume anything; follow directions and get clarification where necessary.

Complete All Bid Forms and Documents

Bid documents include the plans, specifications, and estimates developed to describe all of the elements of a construction project. You must ensure that every element of the bid package is addressed to meet the applicable requirements. There are a number of items that should be evaluated and incorporated into the bid documents including but not limited to bonding, change orders, contract time, claims, subcontracting, retainage, and more. Failure to complete a bid form as required is the surest way to get your bid rejected. To ensure you address all requirements, start with a bid checklist, attend the pre-bid meeting, and have multiple people look over the bid proposal before submitting it.

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