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Ensuring a Safe and Secure a Job Site

When contractors embark on a new construction project, it’s important that the job site is evaluated for efficiency in regard to safety and layout and to get a feel for the work environment since what appears on paper can be a different story in person. If the former isn’t enough to alert our Jacksonville construction attorneys know that the very mention of OSHA safety standards will spark immediate attention. We’d like to go over some of the things that need to be considered on the job site before the work begins.

Boosting Productivity and Safety

The layout of the site matters because it increases productivity as well as ensures worker safety. Ways to ensure an effective and efficient layout is to minimize the distance that materials are transported and to minimize material waste and storage. For workers, tardiness should be reduced and safety training should be promoted. Furthermore, applying strict controls on outside access to the site is necessary. In addition to that, it’s best to plan the transporting of equipment and theft prevention. Last, have a strategy for handling emergencies and hazards on the job site.

An Efficiency is Key

The Project Superintendent will need to get familiar with the construction site to ensure that there are no unexpected conditions or conflicts that would impede the plans of the entire operation or cause legal issues later. Be mindful of the following:

  • Convenient parking and storage areas
  • Placement of access roads
  • Locations of offices and restrooms
  • The storing of materials
  • Ensuring there are no obstructions to entrances
  • Designate an area for communicating progress, posting labor regulations and workplace safety
  • Power, water, and phone availability

Naturally all of the above will vary based on the type of project being completed. For instance, construction in a high rise building will require materials to be located close to where work is being performed so that workers will not have to travel up and down flights of stairs. Regardless, advanced strategic planning is crucial and upon a review of the job site, changes can be implemented for a smooth project operation.

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