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Essential Summer Safety Tips Contractors Need to Know

As summer approaches, we wanted to briefly discuss the most important pieces of information contractors need to know about working in the scalding heat of the summer. The summer season in Florida hosts a myriad of problems for contractors, with unpredictable weather and soaring temperatures making any job a challenging process. 

Workplace accidents are also the most prevalent throughout the summer months, with a higher number of injuries sustained on a construction site than any other season. Our Florida OSHA defense attorneys are here to assist you with any questions or safety problems you may have year-round, including during the brutal summer months. 

Maintaining Safe Working Conditions

Safe working conditions are the contractor’s best form of defense against an OSHA citation. As the year goes on, some standards may be accidentally overlooked on the jobsite; however, they won’t be overlooked by a compliance officer from OSHA. Florida’s summers and the unpredictable weather that follows can make any jobsite unruly, but with the help of a Florida OSHA defense attorney, you can greatly reduce the chances of being issued a violation.

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Here are a few of the common challenges of summertime safety practices:

Intermittent Weather

Intermittent thunderstorms make a construction site even more of an ever-changing workplace, where the jobsite can be damaged and workers can be put in danger if the necessary precautions were not put in place. If a storm is brewing, site managers need to ensure construction equipment is secured or tied down. Above all else, make certain the employee’s safety is top priority. After a storm has passed, there will be plenty of wet, slippery surfaces that can present dangerous working conditions, especially for workers working at great heights. In order to maintain an injury-free jobsite and ensure the safety of your workers, make sure all working surfaces are appropriately dried and inspect any equipment left out in the storm.

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Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion on jobsites is a very serious issue, especially in climates known for their summer heat. Knowing the symptoms of heat exhaustion will help you prevent it from occurring on your jobsite. 

The first step contractors should take to help their employees avoid heat exhaustion is to supply an adequate amount of water and shaded areas to allow their employees to stay hydrated and cool down while on the job. Any worker exhibiting symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, headaches, or a cold sweat should immediately be told to stop their work and rest in a shaded area with access to plenty of cool water. The summer months are grueling for any hard labor job, and without taking the right precautions, you could be the target of an OSHA inspection or violation. Our Florida OSHA defense lawyers will help make sure you are represented against any OSHA violation you may encounter. 

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