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Everything You Need to Know About Bid Protests Part 2 featured image

Everything You Need to Know About Bid Protests Part 2

As we discussed in the last section, there are many nuances to bid protests that require the attention of an Orlando construction attorney. For example, bid protests often require time-sensitive deadlines to appeal a decision. There are also a variety of ways you can submit an appeal. When you protest a bid, you will want an attorney to make certain that you have submitted all of the required paperwork.

In this section, we will discuss the benefits of partaking in the debriefing process with an agency if you are not awarded a bid. In many cases, a debriefing process can be a motivating force to challenge a bid.

The Debriefing Process

If your construction business is involved in the bid process, chances are you will not win your first bid. In fact, it takes most small businesses several bid proposals before they win a contract. If you are a losing bidder, the first thing you should do is request a debriefing from the agency. A debriefing can be extremely helpful for a variety of reasons including:

  • Learning Experience: The primary reason for requesting a debriefing is to find out valuable information such as how your bid was evaluated by the contracting officer. Through this process, you can confirm what effectively worked in your bid and where your bid could have been enhanced. This can help you create more effective bids moving forward.
  • Learn About Your Competitors: Along with discovering how your bid was evaluated, you can learn more about how your bid stacked up against the awardee. If the agency is willing to disclose information about the winning bid, this can potentially assist you with the decision to challenge the awardee’s winning bid.
  • Networking: Attending a debriefing provides bidders with a unique networking opportunity. You can get valuable face-to-face experience while learning about the agency’s evaluation process.

Don’t Get Emotional

It’s important to not allow your own emotions to factor into your decision to challenge a bid or not. Many losing bidders are upset when they were not selected or feel they were treated unfairly, so they protest a bid ineffectively because they lack legal grounds for challenging the bid. This results in wasting time and money. If you believe you have a legitimate point of contention with the awarding of a bid to a competitor, contact an Orlando construction attorney. We are experienced in providing clients with legal counsel for bid protests and can closely evaluate your case and provide you with sound legal advice.

For more information on bid protests, please read sections three, four, and five.

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