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Everything You Need to Know About Healthcare Construction Part 1

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Healthcare construction serves a critical function in our country’s infrastructure. Hospitals help keep our population healthy, which in turn helps strengthen our workforce and boost the productivity of our economy. Newly constructed facilities help accommodate this constantly growing industry. In fact, the healthcare industry is the largest employer in the United States according to The Atlantic.

As a result, healthcare construction is both a lucrative and important type of construction that contractors must be intimately familiar with if they want to excel. In this three-part series, the Orlando construction attorneys at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants will discuss everything contractors should know about healthcare construction. Before you break ground on your next project, consult an Orlando construction attorney for help with all of your constructed-related legal needs including license defense, lien law, bond law, contract review, OSHA defense, dispute resolution, and more.

Healthcare Construction Requires Extensive Planning

Like any project, the construction of new medical facilities requires a great deal of planning before a project can begin. An extensive period of research is essential to any successful project. The contractor should collaborate closely with the owner and the medical professionals who will be working in leadership roles to ensure that every consideration is accounted for prior to the completion of the project. Understanding the owner’s business model, goals, future endeavors, and anticipated growth can help you develop a structure that lasts for years without the need for renovations.

As a contractor, you might want to ask questions regarding future clinical volume to demonstrate that you are interested in constructing a facility that grows along with the expanding healthcare industry. If you are contracted to provide construction services for an already existing structure, you are responsible for performing a comprehensive walkthrough and investigating all of the systems that are already in place.

Important Assessments Before Breaking Ground

Before you even consider picking up a hammer, you must assess the architectural, mechanical, and electrical needs of the project being planned. The same is true for renovations and expansions. Sending a team in blind could compromise the stability and efficacy of the existing structure’s electrical and support systems. Employing a Healthcare Building Planner can help you obtain a better preliminary evaluation of an existing structure. In either case, you need someone who understands the building codes and regulations governing healthcare construction. An Orlando construction attorney can help ensure that you are in compliance with all relevant laws so you can avoid a potential legal dispute.

To learn more about healthcare construction, read parts two and three.

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