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Everything You Need To Know About the Tesla Solar Roof Part 1 featured image

Everything You Need To Know About the Tesla Solar Roof Part 1

In October of 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the launch of his company’s new solar roof. During the impactful presentation, Musk demonstrated that no one could tell the difference between Tesla’s solar shingles and traditional high-end roofing materials. Since one of the standing concerns regarding solar roofing technologies is their lack of aesthetic appeal, this immediately set Tesla’s solar roof tiles apart from anything that had been done in the past.

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An Aesthetic Improvement

In the past, one of the biggest setbacks of solar roofing was its lack of aesthetic appeal. Solar panels awkwardly plunked on top of an existing roof may be effective, but many homeowners simply cannot get past what they consider a major eyesore. Even if they can see past the appearance, some are worried about their home’s resale value or are perhaps even restricted by their Homeowner’s Association (HOA). Other companies have come out with solar shingles in the past, but virtually all of these less appealing attempts have been discontinued due to lack of consumer interest.

Musk realized the need for a complete rebrand that could give consumers the best of both worlds.

“I think there’s quite a radical difference between having solar panels on your roof that actually make your house look better versus ones that do not,” he said in a statement.

Rather than a series of panels attached to an existing roof, the interlocking pieces of Tesla solar glass are roofing tiles themselves. The result is a physically strong and visually sleek, cohesive appearance.

The Unique Printing Process

These tiles are made using hydrographic printing, which means that every single panel turns out uniquely. This prevents the roof from looking fake. It also means that no two roofs will turn out the same, even if they are made using the same product. Musk’s goal is for “the aesthetics [to] actually get better,” than the tar, shingles, and clunky panels of the past.

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