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Everything You Need To Know About the Tesla Solar Roof Part 2

Tesla’s solar roof made a splash when CEO Elon Musk announced his company’s new endeavor in October of 2016. In Part 1 of this four-section article, we discussed Tesla’s aesthetic improvements to a technology that had been a clunky add-on in the past.

Today in Part 2, our roofing attorneys in Tennessee we will delve into the solar tiles’ impressive materials and technology. Part 3 will cover the role of the Powerwall battery and the overall cost of a solar roof. We will conclude the series in Part 4, which will discuss what to expect in the future.

Durable and Practical

Not only are the Tesla solar tiles pleasing to the eye, but they are extremely strong. Though they look like ordinary shingles from most angles, the roof tiles are actually made of durable glass. They are made of quartz and have what Musk has called “a quasi-infinite lifetime.”

The solar roof page of Tesla’s website boasts a slow-motion video demonstration of two-inch hailstones being propelled toward a piece of Tesla solar glass and two traditional shingles. The solar glass remains intact as the other two shatter. This test was for the highest class hail rating (class 4) and the hailstones were traveling at 100 miles per hour on impact. Tesla prides itself on the durable glass solar tiles, which are warrantied for your home’s entire lifetime, “or infinity, whichever comes first,” as the company’s website puts it. The tiles can even be fitted with heating elements to melt snow if you live in a climate where that is needed.

Solar Tile Technology

Tesla’s solar tiles are opaque from most angles; however, they work by allowing light to pass through them onto a standard flat solar cell. They are comparable to competing high-efficiency solar panels.

Tesla created their solar roof and integrated Powerwall battery to effectively turn any home into a personal utility.

Since the solar roof is so unique, the company plans to install the roofs themselves. The Tesla solar roof is not yet mainstream enough to be a threat to traditional roofers; however, it will be interesting to observe how much traction it gains (or doesn’t gain) over time. It is very expensive when compared with virtually any other type of roofing.

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