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Expert Tips for Avoiding EEOC Lawsuits in the Workplace Part 2

Companies do not have to deal with lawsuits if they do their due diligence to prevent workplace discrimination. This final article will discuss more tips that will help employers avoid an EEOC lawsuit. Head over to part one for the beginning of the article.

Prepare Your Response and Documentation

By law, the EEOC may request relevant documentation and interviews in response to a discrimination complaint. Information requested may include a statement of position, contact information, performance reviews, job descriptions, customer complaints, and any other necessary documentation in support of your credibility. Employers are expected to cooperate with an investigation and provide information that is necessary for determining if a claim is valid. While it is important that employers are responsive to the EEOC, it is within an employer’s right to submit evidence to refute a claim and to have an employer defense attorney in Tampa present during interviews.

Create a Culture of Diversity

Every workplace should foster an environment of diversity among employees as well as in their recruitment practices. Start by increasing employee awareness of the different forms of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation that will not be tolerated. When you encourage diversity and are attentive to your employees’ concerns, you lessen the likelihood of these incidents occurring. When you promote equal employment opportunity and diversity, you will also be able to retain employees.

What to Consider

Employers need to consider the affects an EEOC charge can have on their business. The cost of a lawsuit affects employee morale and your reputation. It also contributes to a loss in productivity and is a constant distraction especially during times of document gathering, interviewing, investigation, and refuting the claim. Furthermore, employment lawsuits are expensive. The EEOC secures millions of dollars in settlements every year from employers.

Take time to review the EEOC website to learn more about discrimination and use our tips to prevent unnecessary claims against your company. If you need an employer attorney in Tampa to help you navigate an investigation, give us a call.

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