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Exploring Sustainable Solar Panel Alternatives Part 1

Sustainable, green construction practices have transformed the construction industry and placed a greater emphasis on incorporating renewable energy into the design plans for projects of all sizes. For residential projects, the use of efficient building practices that incorporate renewable energy technology such as solar panels allow families to save money in the long term. Investors in commercial construction prefer to incorporate renewable energy because they show the world that their company cares about the planet, and they usually benefit from tax incentives.

Our Central Florida contractor attorneys can help your firm embrace these new technologies to grow your business and procure increasingly lucrative projects. We help contractors verify that their workers possess the correct licensure to install various forms of renewable energy technology. Most firms have experience installing solar panels, but what about the renewable energy alternatives to solar panels? In this two-part series, we will explore these alternatives and discuss their efficacy in the future of green construction.

Wind Turbines

You don’t need to move to the middle of the Mojave Desert to incorporate wind turbines into your construction projects, although contractors can use California’s Alta Wind Energy Center as inspiration for their own green endeavors. Wind turbines are usually grouped into pods, or wind farms, which can be installed inland or offshore. Construction projects on larger plots of residential land may want to consider installing a personal wind turbine for the homeowner.

Unfortunately, in residential areas governed by homeowners’ associations, or in communities with shared properties, wind turbines are unlikely to get the green light for construction. Wind turbines can be loud, and many people consider the sight of the giant revolving blades “visual pollution.” Despite these disadvantages, wind power can be an effective alternative to solar energy that provides a strong return on investment.

Solar Water Heating

Solar panels are the most commonly used green technology for harnessing the power of the sun, but there’s more than one way to use this power. We often use solar power to generate electricity for a variety of uses, but solar water heaters serve a different function. The sun generates heat for a reserve of water that can be pumped throughout the home to radiators, faucets, or shower heads. The benefit of this system is that it is significantly cheaper than alternatives that use gas or electricity to heat your water. Plus, it’s easier and cheaper to install than solar panels. Solar water heating is a great “first step” into the world of green construction, so you might want to consider offering this service to residential investors.

In part two, we will continue to explore more alternatives to solar panels including hydropower and solar air conditioning.

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