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Exploring Sustainable Solar Panel Alternatives Part 2

As a contractor, you’re constantly searching for new ways to bring in new business. Whether you specialize in residential construction or commercial construction, you have already witnessed the widespread impact of renewable energy on your industry. More and more clients are asking questions about green construction, and they want to know if your firm is keeping up with all the latest developments, including various alternatives to solar panels.

In part one of this two-part series, our Hillsborough County contractor lawyers discussed two of these alternatives: wind turbines and solar water heating. In part two, we will explore hydropower and solar air conditioning.


Utilizing the power of running water to generate electricity is going to be impossible for 99 percent of your clients, but if you are contracted to work on a piece of property that features a compatible river or stream, you may want to take the opportunity to discuss hydropower options with your investor. After all, most contractors will never get the opportunity to say they worked on a project that incorporated hydropower.

Diverting water through a turbine to generate power requires a sizable vertical distance for the water to travel. The amount of power you produce is entirely dependent on the amount of water running through your turbine. You will likely need to rely on the specialized services of a professional to install a hydropower system, although with the understanding of some engineering fundamentals, you could likely rig a functional system on your own.

Installing hydropower might seem like a lot of trouble, but the benefits are immense. Hydropower is more stable than solar or wind, so your turbine will always generate a consistent output, thereby eliminating any guesswork involved with factoring in renewable energy deductions on your energy bill.

Solar Air Conditioning

Using heat from the sun to cool a home may seem paradoxical at first, but solar air conditioning invariably works. As this renewable energy alternative gains traction, contractors will undoubtedly face more requests for solar air conditioning installation, which makes sense considering how much electricity traditional air conditioning units consume. Ask any Pinellas County construction attorney, using central air to cool your home in a hot climate can dry up your funds faster than a speeding ticket. In addition, solar air conditioning helps you save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

Contractors have many options for helping clients realize their renewable energy goals. In today’s market, being able to install solar panels isn’t enough anymore. Hillsborough County contractor lawyers can help your firm integrate alternative renewable energy systems into your services without falling victim to legal complications.

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