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Extra Work, Delays, and Other Claims

Even the most experienced contractors face dilemmas and delays that compromise project timelines. A carefully designed, well-executed project can usually avoid any serious hold-ups, but there’s always a chance that your project may need additional work to be performed in order to reach completion.

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our Ft. Myers contractor lawyers are ready to assist you through the claims process. Knowing how to present your claim, while preserving your rights if your claim is rejected, can help sustain your project’s profitability when your project requires extra work, a new deadline, or something else entirely.

Extra Work Claims

Extra work claims are used when additional work was performed to fulfill a contract at the contractor’s expense. In order to recoup these expenses, you must be able to show that the extra work was necessary and transparent. Our team can review all of your project’s plans and specifications to help you evaluate whether or not your claim has enough substance to proceed. After assessing your claim, we can help you present it in an effective manner to reach an agreeable resolution without wasting time.

Delay and Lost Productivity Claims

Delays are disruptive and expensive. Maintaining project timelines is imperative in the construction industry. When one portion of a project falls behind, it can have widespread effects on the rest of the project. Delay and lost productivity claims are complex, but we can help you navigate the process of documenting, analyzing, and presenting your claim without slowing down your project.

Defective Work Claims

Defective work claims can tarnish your reputation as a contractor and seriously impede your future business plans. We can help you analyze your project for defects to get them addressed quickly and painlessly. When a defective work claim is filed against you, our Ft. Myers contractor attorneys can bolster your case with unmatched legal expertise and acumen to get you paid.

Unforeseen Conditions

No amount of foresight can prepare your project for the unexpected. If unforeseen conditions delay your project, our legal team can help formulate a response strategy to secure additional time or payment for your project. You shouldn’t be penalized for things you can’t control, like severe weather, product recalls, or last-minute design changes. We can also help evaluate whether your claim merits additional resources of time and capital.

Payment Disputes

Payment disputes can arise for any of the reasons mentioned above, or countless other reasons. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our Ft. Myers contractor lawyers can help you assess the rationale for nonpayment to help disputing parties come to a swift resolution.

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