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Factors That Decrease Productivity in Construction Projects Part 1 featured image

Factors That Decrease Productivity in Construction Projects Part 1

As Clearwater construction lawyers, we know that declining productivity in the construction industry is a frequent topic of discussion. For this reason, we would like to take the opportunity to bring to light factors that lead to a loss of productivity. To learn more, read Part 2.

Defining Productivity

On the surface, productivity is measured by the rate that work is performed. It is a combination of output per unit to total input. Although it is difficult to fully measure productivity, the subject of labor inefficiency must be addressed continually by owners, engineers, and contractors alike. With constant and unexpected changes, productivity is bound to decline, but we know that addressing these issues head on leads to an increase in production and a reduction in labor costs.

Inclement Weather

Weather is a leading cause of a lack of production in construction projects. If temperatures are too hot or too cold or there is very heavy rain or snow, this can present dangers for workers which impact work performance. The effect of inclement weather include low worker morale, safety hazards, and visibility issues. One of the ways that adverse weather delays can be addressed is by requesting a time extension. In Florida, we experience hurricane season and this can be tough for both owners and workers due to heavy rainfall. If you are experiencing legal issues related excusable delays, our Clearwater construction attorneys can help you determine if they are non-compensable or compensable.

Workforce Issues

Florida is experiencing an increase in worker shortages due to older workers leaving the industry and younger workers lacking interest or not having the required skill set construction businesses are looking for. This lack of skilled workers is causing the construction industry many issues. Unfortunately, this leads to taking longer to complete projects which makes it difficult to overcome delays.

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