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Factors to Consider When It Comes To Bidding on Construction Projects Part 2

In Part 2 of this article we will continue to explain concerns that come up for contractors who are considering placing a bid on a potential project. While participating in the bidding process is how you gain more projects and experience, it’s beneficial to make sure your time and money will not be wasted in the efforts of procuring a project that will do more harm than good. To view the first half of this article, please visit Part 1.

Assess Your Bidding Competition

An important thing to keep in mind when thinking about bidding on a project, is how many other bidders there are, and who they are. It’s good to remember that while owners want as many bids as possible on their project, contractors are aware of the fact that a high number of bids usually results in not all of them being 100 percent accurate. Identifying competition is helpful, because contractors will recognize other bidders that have been known for bid shopping (disclosing a contractor’s bid to other prospective contractors before the award of a contract to try to fix a lower bid), and opt out of bidding against them because they know it won’t be worth their time. Seeking a list of all the other bidders will also help to determine if another bidder has so much growth and power that they know they cannot beat their bid.

Assess The Bidding Procedure

Last but not least, contractors need to be aware of what the bidding procedure will be like, to make sure it is not unfair. All bids should be treated equally, and all bidders should be privy to the same information from the owner. If for any reason you believe your bid has been treated unjustly, or the owner has been biased, we highly recommend that you contact your construction attorneys in Jacksonville for assistance in handling the matter. There are a few things to look for when determining if the procedure is being handled justly:

  • Is every bidder listed on a bidder’s list?
  • Have all the bidding documents been made available for all the bidders at the same time?
  • Are all of the bids due at the same time on the same day?
  • As a contractor, were you given enough time to prepare your bid?
  • As a contractor, were all of your questions answered in a timely manner?

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