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Finding New Leads for Roofing Contractors Part 1

Generating leads is an important aspect of any contracting business, especially for contractors who specialize in roofing. If you perform quality work, you may notice that your past clients are great for spreading information about your business by word-of-mouth, but they probably won’t need your services if your projects are built to last. Understanding how to find new leads can help your business maintain profitability and grow into the future.

Once you have started generating new leads, try contacting a roofing lawyer to review your contracts and ensure that your firm is entering mutually beneficial agreements with new clients. Finding new leads can be difficult, so in this two-part series, an expert roofing attorney will discuss some effective methods for driving business that you might not have considered in the past.


You might think canvassing is an outdated method for generating leads, but you would be shortsighted to eliminate your canvassing efforts entirely. Meeting with prospective clients face-to-face is still an effective way to build rapport and strengthen trust. We suggest focusing on canvassing after a storm to generate timely, concrete leads. If you utilize canvassing to meet new customers, we recommend being prepared for tough questions about work quality and cost, memorizing a script to clearly explain your services, and following up by logging contact information.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook Ads has already proven itself to be a successful, industry-leading tool for connecting businesses with customers. The popular social networking site can be used to get in contact with a virtually endless reservoir of potential clients, as long as you’re willing to invest time into understanding what makes Facebook an effective advertising tool, as well as money to reach as much of your target audience as possible.

Form Strategic Alliances

Sometimes, you can’t get a leg up on the competition without getting a little assistance from a rival. Many roofers are partnering with dominant suppliers like Lowe’s and Home Depot to piggyback off their brand recognition and boost their business. While the details surrounding this strategy depend on the particulars of the partnership in question, many roofers with small businesses have benefited from a stream of leads as a result of partnering with these building behemoths.

Attend Trade Shows

Is there a better way to connect with other industry professionals than attending trade shows? Trade shows that gather professionals from across the roofing and construction industries are where deals are made and seeds for the future are sown. Not only can you develop a better understanding of your competition, but you can also boost your brand awareness, and generate new leads through strategic partnerships and networking.

For more information on generating new leads, read part two.

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