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Finding New Leads for Roofing Contractors Part 2 featured image

Finding New Leads for Roofing Contractors Part 2

When business is slowing down and you’re not meeting your financial goals, it’s time to reinvigorate your lead generation efforts by incorporating new techniques and methodologies into your current practices. Finding effective, cost-friendly ways to generate new leads is an important aspect of any business, but in the roofing industry, which is highly competitive and strongly dictated by feedback, the ability to generate new leads is absolutely vital.

In part one of this two-part series, a roofing attorney in Tennessee examined an array of lead generation techniques including canvassing, advertising on Facebook, forming strategic alliances, and attending trade shows. Now, we will consider other popular methods for generating leads such as incorporating direct mail advertising, following storm tracker apps, attending a local chamber of commerce event, and improving your feedback on review sites.

Direct Mail

Direct mail advertising generates leads by reaching customers at home. Most companies have discovered that they can save money and target customers more frequently by flooding email inboxes with offers and promotions. As a result, the once overburdened American mailbox is now only receiving around 16 pieces of mail per week on average. When you consider the alternative, competing for visibility with hundreds or even thousands of pieces of digital mail, a direct mail advertising campaign doesn’t seem as ridiculous as you might first suspect.

Follow Storm Tracker Apps

When do roofs most commonly need repairs? The answer, of course, is after a storm. When a storm hits, especially a tropical storm or a hurricane, you can be certain that someone, somewhere, has a leaky roof or missing shingles. By following storms on a storm tracker app, contractors can be ready to provide their services for areas that need it most. In the wake of a storm, the number of prospective clients in the affected area grows significantly, so you want to ensure that you are the first contractor in the area if you want to lock down lucrative jobs.

Attend Local Chamber of Commerce Events

When it comes to local networking, there’s no gathering quite as effective as your local chamber of commerce events. These events give you an unequivocal look at your area’s microcosm of professionals including property managers, developers, and architects. Ideally, by networking with other like-minded professionals, you can generate referral leads for your business.

Publish Your Feedback

Regardless of what your business does, prospective clients are almost certainly checking the internet for reviews about your products or services. As a roofer, reviews can make or break your business. If you perform quality work, ask your customers to write a review online. A single review could be referenced hundreds of times or more and lead to an influx of leads.

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