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Florida Companies Experience Severe OSHA Penalties in Early 2018 featured image

Florida Companies Experience Severe OSHA Penalties in Early 2018

The Costly Start to 2018

After the first quarter of 2018, many construction companies have already experienced significant citations for safety and health standard violations. From January to March 2018, in the State of Florida alone, OSHA has imposed approximately $780,000 in initial penalties. Further, this total only encompasses nine cases where the enforcement penalty was over $40,000 in total fines. In other words, there are numerous enforcement cases OSHA does not cite on their website for violations that could easily make this total in penalties exceed well over one million dollars in initial enforcement fines.

Contact An OSHA Defense Attorney

If you have received a citation from OSHA or fear that OSHA may inspect your workplace and issue your company a citation, it’s critical that you contact a Florida OSHA defense attorney. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our attorneys are experts in the inspection and citation process. If you have received a costly penalty from OSHA, we can respond to the citation on your behalf. With collectively over 100 years of experience providing clients with OSHA defense, our lawyers are highly experienced in assisting construction professionals through the appeal process.

For more information on OSHA violations in your state, please visit OSHA’s website.

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