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Abiding by OSHA workplace regulations is a critical part of operating a thriving business in the state of Florida. With OSHA enforcement on the rise, companies need knowledgeable Florida OSHA attorneys to guide them through the complex maze of OSHA law. Due to the impact that an OSHA violation can have on a business’ operations, finances, and personnel, it is critical to have a Florida OSHA attorney on your side to provide representation and aggressive defense against complaints, violations, and citations.

Because all businesses must comply with OSHA law, we assist Florida construction professionals and beyond with their worker safety and OSHA-related needs.

Prevent OSHA Citations

Florida employers that do not meet OSHA compliance are at risk for steep fines. To avoid a citation, employers must ensure they have effective policies, training programs, internal audits and inspections, and employee discipline practices in place. Aligning with OSHA standards will require that you become familiar with OSHA regulations and implement plans to prevent violations. Your workplace should be secure against common hazards and employees should be provided the proper equipment and tools to perform their jobs safely.

How Florida OSHA Attorneys Help Employers

All industries must comply with OSHA regulations. The intent of OSHA is to ensure employees are working in an environment that is both safe and healthy. As experienced Florida OSHA attorneys, we know that safety is important to employers, but we also know the burdens and demands of running a business smoothly. It takes time, finances, and knowledge to consistently operate a business effectively and efficiently. Our attorneys help make things clearer by assisting clients with:

  • Responding to citations
  • Representation at informal conferences
  • The complaint, hearing, and appeals process
  • The inspection process
  • Management of workplace injuries and fatalities
  • Penalty and fine reduction

Partner With Cotney Attorneys & Consultants

Our Florida OSHA attorneys assist various clients throughout the state with their workplace safety and OSHA-related needs. We partner with you to advocate on your behalf and proactively solve compliance problems. Our team of attorneys understand state and local regulations and have extensive experience representing clients facing OSHA violations. Let us help you navigate your OSHA-related challenges so that you can operate your business with confidence.

If you would like to speak with an experienced Florida OSHA attorney, please contact us today.

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