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OSHA enforcement is on the rise which means the need for experienced and practical legal guidance is a necessity. While worker safety issues abound, understanding and meeting OSHA regulations has proven to be an arduous task without the assistance of a legal professional.

The Florida OSHA lawyers of Cotney Attorneys & Consultants understand the impact that regulations can have on operations, finances, personnel, and sustainability. This is why we provide timely legal counsel to clients across Florida with all of their OSHA-related needs. We focus a great deal on the construction industry; however, we assist a range of industries in OSHA compliance and safety.

Avoid OSHA Citations

Companies receive OSHA violation citations due to noncompliance with OSHA standards and regulations. Companies that do not comply face steep fines and must make certain they alter their workplace habits to meet safety standards. To align, familiarity with OSHA standards and a prevention plan must be priority one.

Companies can prevent violations and citations by doing the following:

  • Enforcing safety rules
  • Conducting safety audits
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Responding to citations quickly
  •  Addressing employees’ concerns
  • Using the right personal protective equipment
  • Securing the workplace against common hazards
  • Refraining from retaliating against employees who submit complaints
  • Posting a violation in a visible location at or near the the site of the incident

How a Florida OSHA Lawyer Can Help Your Business

The purpose of OSHA is to ensure safety standards are met for the safety of employees. However, we understand that the weight of compliance can slip through the cracks without the proper guidance of a Florida OSHA lawyer. We partner with you to represent and defend you during meetings and hearings and to establish proactive methods to ensure compliance. We also help with claim management, contesting citations, adhering to deadlines, reducing fines, and establishing policies to prevent future violations.

Florida OSHA Lawyers Are Your Partners

Our Florida OSHA lawyers know that employers face burdens that sometimes make it difficult to stay on top of OSHA regulations. We will partner with you to keep your company running safe and strong. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of regulatory agencies and a keen grasp of OSHA law. Our extensive litigation expertise puts our clients’ at an advantage. We are dedicated to helping clients maintain profitable businesses while making their workplaces safe and healthy for their employees.

If you would like to speak with an experienced Florida OSHA lawyer, please contact us today.

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