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Florida’s Construction Bidding Process Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, we discussed specific laws that impact construction companies bidding on public projects. Below, we further explore how construction companies can successfully navigate the bid process and win lucrative bids. In an industry that thrives on winner-take-all contests such as these, partner with the Broward contractor attorneys from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants to give yourself a fierce advantage over the competition. 

Responding to Public Notices 

It wouldn’t be a fair bidding process if news of the project was never released. As mentioned in part one, public entities are required to advertise the submission of sealed bids. While there are laws that pertain to print media, you can generally find procurement opportunities online. State-level construction projects can be found on MyFloridaMarketPlace, an eProcurement system. You can also look at county websites, such as the Broward County bid portal

Public notices found on these portals will contain important project information, such as deadlines and services sought, that must be carefully considered before a bid is submitted. Before you get in over your head, be sure to consult with a Broward contractor attorney from Cotney Construction Law. 

Selecting a Bidder

Per Florida law, received bids are awarded to “the lowest qualified and responsive bidder.” Remember, you aren’t guaranteed to be awarded the project just because you submitted the lowest bid. A contractor’s reputation and criminal history are also taken into account. And there’s nothing stating that a public entity has to pick anyone. “The county, municipality, or special district may reserve the right to reject all bids and to rebid the project, or elect not to proceed with the project.” 

Your submission must also be error-free. Forgetting a single signature or form could result in an otherwise flawless bid being rejected. The only way to ensure that your company correctly navigates the bid process is to consult an expert with years of experience. 

Partner With an Attorney 

Throughout this series, we’ve covered numerous obstacles that must be overcome in order for a bid to be procured. Your submission must be flawless. Your proposal must be accurate. And you must be licensed and qualified for the work requested. Even when all of these steps are followed to the letter, you could be faced with the possibility of protesting an unfairly awarded bid

By partnering with a construction attorney, you gain a valuable partner who will work to ensure that your proposals are successfully submitted and fought for if needed. For assistance navigating the bid process for county, municipal, state, or federal public projects, partner with the experienced Broward contractor attorneys from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants. 

If you would like to speak with a Broward contractor attorney, please contact us today.

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