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Four Reasons to Contact A Portland Construction Dispute Attorney

Despite a contractor’s best efforts, construction projects may give rise to legal disputes. Whether the dispute is settled through arbitration, mediation, or litigation, these disputes can be time-consuming and costly for all parties involved. An experienced Portland construction dispute attorney can guide you through the process and resolve any construction disputes that may arise. In this brief article, we’ll review four of the most common reasons for contacting an attorney. 

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Claims of Construction Defects

Construction defects can occur at any point during a construction job. These defects can occur during the design phase, in the materials used, or in the workmanship of the final product.

When confronted with a claim of a construction defect, contractors may be uncertain of their legal rights or course of action. Contingent upon the claim, you may be entitled to review and repair the defect. If you believe that you are not responsible for the defect, a Portland construction litigation attorney may be able to advise you of the correct course of action to file an appeal or dispute the allegations set forth.

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Contract Errors and Omissions

A clearly composed, concise contract can spare contractors from disputes in the future simply by analyzing every detail of the project and by enacting a risk management plan. To assist you in this process, a Portland construction dispute attorney can review any potential contracts. 

Some common contract issues that an attorney may be able to assist with include language and phrasing and providing a clear and concise timeline. Additionally, legal counsel can advise on the entire process, including drafting a bid and the paperwork required thereafter. 

Imprecise Job Site Surveying

Your construction bid will be mostly founded on the site conditions present at the proposed job site. During the bid process, contractors may fail to account for all surfaces or may encounter previously unknown variations in the job site and may need to alter or update the estimated job cost. An established Portland construction litigation attorney will counsel you in the appropriate steps to take when going forward.

Employee Disputes

Construction dispute attorneys can help establish workers’ compensation insurance and should be contacted if a contractor is informed of an injury or fatality on the job or has pending legal action against them by a former or current employee. From roofing accidents to payment disputes, a contractor attorney will be able to help you navigate complicated legal issues that contractors face throughout the industry.

Portland construction dispute lawyers can discuss possible disputes, including construction defects, contract errors and omissions, and imprecise site surveying. Whether you’re protecting your own assets or filing a dispute of your own, a group of committed and experienced lawyers improves the probability that your business will be protected. 

With the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you can have professional representation when faced with disputes stemming from the three issues above. Our attorneys at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants can represent you throughout the entire dispute process and help determine the best course of action.

If you would like to speak with a Portland construction dispute attorney, please contact us today.

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