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Ft. Myers Construction Defect Attorney

Often following the completion of a construction project, construction or design defects may be discovered. An owner may also find building code violations and evidence of poor workmanship. Under Florida law, specifically, Florida Statute, Chapter 558, certain steps must be followed prior to filing a lawsuit or collecting damages from the responsible party.

When you find yourself facing a defect dispute, seeking the assistance of a Ft. Myers construction defect attorney can make the process less disruptive and costly.

Why an Expert Ft. Myers Construction Defect Lawyer is Necessary

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, the successful livelihood of contractors and other construction professionals is our priority. Construction professionals are under enough scrutiny, and we want to ensure you understand your rights. If a defect is discovered after you’ve completed work on a project, you have the right to correct the defect in question if you are indeed responsible for the defect in question.

Your reputation is on the line as well as your ability to move on to more fruitful projects. This is why you need an expert Ft. Myers construction defect lawyer to help disprove a defect claim against you or to ensure you preserve your rights to remedy the defect.

Common Construction Defect Claims

Most construction defects can be categorized as design deficiencies, product or material inadequacies, operational or maintenance issues, or construction process failures. Construction defects happen quite frequently and require a skilled Ft. Myers construction defect attorney to evaluate claims. If a property owner takes issue with a project’s design, how it was built, the materials used, or the how it is maintained, they may file a claim against you and you could be held liable.

Resolve Construction Defects Quickly

Construction defects are a common cause of disputes and litigation. They impact everyone involved in a construction project. The cost of a defect can be expensive and take a toll on your company. There are some critical things you must know when handling defect claims, preserving your rights, and protecting yourself from liability. Let our attorneys provide you with real-world knowledge along with legal and practical advice.

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