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Ft. Myers Construction Dispute Attorney

The construction industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. However, construction is a high hazard industry that requires continuous coordination between many different entities. This leaves room for construction claims and disputes which can be difficult and stressful for involved parties to manage and resolve.

Why Hire a Ft. Myers Construction Dispute Lawyer?

The construction industry’s environment can be litigious in nature due to numerous factors, and disputes are bound to happen. When you are faced with conflict and disputes, you need a Ft. Myers construction dispute attorney on your side to look out for your best interest as you do business. Our industry knowledge coupled with our relentless work ethic is at the core of how we formulate solid strategies to provide our clients with optimum solutions for their construction-related matters.

Construction Practice Areas

We have advocated for construction professionals including contractors, subcontractors, suppliers who are involved in construction disputes and transactions throughout Florida and beyond. We are knowledgeable in a range of legal matters unique to the construction industry. Our firm’s practice areas include contract review and drafting, OSHA defense, licensing defense, bid protests, lien law, bond law, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution, which includes mediation and arbitration.

Disputes We Help Clients Resolve

A dispute can happen at any time regarding any matter including the contract, the design, or during the construction process. Some clients may be difficult, budgets expectations may not be met, or subcontractors may not get paid for work completed. The list goes on. No amount of preparation or clarity can completely safeguard you from every problem that could arise. A Ft. Myers construction dispute lawyer can help you handle these disputes including ones arising from excessive changes orders, warranty claims, bond claims, construction liens, cost overruns, contract defaults, and scope of work issues.

If you are facing any of these battles, you need to hire a Ft. Myers Construction Dispute Lawyer who is skilled in construction law to ensure you have a sound contract that minimizes your risks. We want to provide you with the best representation to protect you from expensive disagreements and lawsuits. Contact us for a confidential consultation.

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