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Ft. Myers Contractor Lawyer

In today’s construction climate, contractors are under continuous scrutiny whether from project owners, potential clients, the federal government, licensing boards, and OSHA. Potential claims and disputes are always a threat to your livelihood. You must stay one step ahead to ensure you comply with regulations, complete projects in a timely manner, and get paid for the work you perform. This is why a Ft. Myers contractor lawyer is invaluable.

Ft. Myers Contractor Lawyers Protect Your Rights and Interests

Search the internet and you will see a plethora of information protecting the consumer and warning them about unethical contractors and shoddy workmanship. However, our Ft. Myers contractor lawyers know that the construction industry is replete with professional and hard working contractors that do business with integrity and excellence.

You have a right to be paid on time. You have the right to preserve your lien rights. You have the right to protect yourself against unfounded allegations and lawsuits. You also have the right to mitigate risks and reduce liabilities so you can remain profitable and balanced in your business endeavors.

Construction Law Experts

Not only do our Ft. Myers contractor lawyers have the legal credentials to provide our clients with consultations, representation, and defense, we also have real-world construction experience which allows us to provide clients with practical advice. Our attorneys are members of various roofing and contractor associations and have received numerous honors for our prestigious work and commitment to contractors.

Services We Provide Contractors

We understand the contractor’s life and we know how critical it is to meet deadlines to keep projects moving along. Any legal interruption can have an impact on your productivity as well as your finances. However, we are committed to resolving your legal issues in the most expeditious manner. No legal issue is the same, therefore, the services we provide are tailored to your unique situation. The following is a brief snapshot of the services we provide:

  • Reviewing and drafting legal documents
  • Providing alternative dispute resolution
  • Guiding you through investigations, inspections, and bid protests
  • Defending you against a range of claims, OSHA violations, and licensing discrepancies

The construction industry is extremely complex, competitive, and litigious. Do not attempt to navigate it alone where legal matters are concerned. Contact us for guidance in your business matters so that you can have continued success.

If you are in need of a professional construction law firm, please submit our contact request form for more information.

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