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Do You Need a Ft. Myers Contractor License Defense Lawyer?

Unlicensed contracting is strictly prohibited in the state of Florida. Understanding the licensing requirements before operating as a contractor is essential for getting off to the right start. Has someone made a complaint against your contractor license? If you want to protect your reputation and business, a Ft. Myers contractor license defense lawyer is your best resource for obtaining a favorable outcome.

How the Complaint Process Works

If anyone wants to file a complaint against a licensed or unlicensed contractor, architect, engineer, building code administrator, or inspector, they must do so through the DBPR. A form will be filled out for initial review and an investigator will verify and collect additional information to validate or invalidate (e.g., probable cause) the complaint. If there is probable cause, the complaint is then sent to the proper board responsible for the trade. The construction professional will be given an opportunity to provide a defense against the complaint.

Common Complaints Filed Against Construction Professionals

Construction professional should take care to guard themselves against common types of complaints:

  • Improper licensure
  • Misallocation of funds
  • Project abandonment
  • Failure to obtain proper permits
  • Negligent building design, inspection, or surveying
  • Negligent construction supervision or building site preparation
  • Negligence resulting in injury or major property damage
  • Design flaws, errors, and omissions that also result in construction defects

The only remedy against these claims is to ensure you are properly licensed. If you are licensed and a claim is filed against you, speak with a Ft. Myers contractor license defense attorney, to disprove the alleged violation.

Why Cotney Attorneys & Consultants?

Businesses in the state of Florida must abide by the licensing requirements as set forth by The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). If a contractor or any other construction professional required to have a license is found to be in violation of these requirements, penalties may result. This may include a fine, a license suspension or revocation, or restriction on the services they offer. Any of these allegations and consequences may seriously affect your ability to earn a living. If a complaint has been filed against you, seek professional counsel from a Ft. Myers contractor license defense lawyer. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the DBPR’s administrative process and can provide guidance to help you preserve your license and protect your business.

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