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Are you operating a construction business that is healthy, safe, and OSHA compliant? Has an OSHA inspector showed up at your workplace unannounced? Have you received an OSHA citation for an alleged violation? Speak with a Ft. Myers OSHA attorney as soon as possible to ensure you navigate the process properly.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

The health and safety of workplaces across the country is OSHA’s mission. The agency sets and enforces standards as well as provides training, outreach, education, and assistance to employers. As a construction professional, you are required to observe and meet these standards or else, face penalties and fines.

Connect With a Ft. Myers OSHA Defense Attorney

The industry standards and regulations that make up OSHA law are complex. It is in your best interest to consult with a Ft. Myers OSHA attorney for practical and comprehensive advice on safety and health issues. Cotney Construction Law has developed a national reputation for successfully assisting our clients with OSHA investigations and defending their interests against alleged OSHA violations or issued citations. Our team of experts will see to it that you obtain a positive outcome with your OSHA-related issues.

OSHA Defense

We represent clients that are facing serious, repeat, or willful violations against them, including violations based on fatalities. Depending on the offense, OSHA violations can result in fines and penalties. A Ft. Myers OSHA defense attorney from our office will work diligently to get alleged violations resolved on your behalf. We also frequently participate in local conferences on behalf of our clients to help them fight alleged violations.

OSHA Compliance and Inspection Help

The foundation of a successful safety program is maintaining compliance with OSHA laws. This why we stress the importance of creating and implementing a good safety culture at your workplace. Employers are required by law to provide employees with a workplace that is free of known dangers to prevent needless illnesses, injuries, and deaths. It is essential that employers understand their responsibilities which can be found on the OSHA website as well as related publications.

If an inspector has visited your worksite and issued a citation, contact us today. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients navigate the most complex compliance issues and handling OSHA inspections.

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